Development of old black & white negatives

I developed some old black and white negatives I was storing in some drawers. Actually it was a lot of fun. I prepared my own developer based on the recipe of Barry Thornton:

bath A: 6.25g metol + 85g sodium sulphite for 1 litre
bath B: 12g sodium metaborate for 1 litre

Only one Ilford deta 100 film, that was expired for more than 10 years was a bit “flat”. I also managed to dry them without having to much dust on them: I used a dryer cabinet produced by Jobo and simply changed the filter… I scanned the negatives with my Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 at 2700 dpi (equivalent of 10 megapixel image, that’s more than enough!) and used my new favourite development program Capture One (version 11.1) to convert them to positive images.

I really enjoyed the process and decided to use film more in my photography.