Creating memories with photography

What an evidence! A pleonasm… Of course I can create memory with photography. As I decided to spend 3 months in France and to walk along the wonderful coastal path GR34 as part of my sabbatical, I was wondering, how am I going to keep memory of that experience? Save weight and use my iPhone? Take a camera on top of all the equipment in my backpack (tent, sleeping bag, clothes, stove, food and water etc) that was already too heavy? And if yes which one? A small and lightweight one like my Fujifilm X100s?

My son Nils said to me: Take the camera with you on this trip you would otherwise regret leaving at home… And pick up a challenge like black & white photography…

In this case I would go fo my “new” Leica M Monochrom! And take my three modern lenses: Elmar-M 24mm ASPH 1:3.8, Summicron-M 35mm ASPH 1:2.0 and Summicron-M 50mm 1:2.0. And if I need colour on the way, I’ll use my iPhone…

But it is reasonable to surcharge myself with ~1.7 kg of photography gear (including orange filters, battery charger etc)? Now back from this trip I can say yes! Even if the conditions were not that easy for the camera and lenses: A lot of dust, sun and some rain. Beside a problem with the menu selection ring in the back, all survived without (big) damages. Only a short telephoto lens like a 90mm was missing or could have been taken instead of the 35mm.

And the memories? Well judge by yourself:

Two additional notes:

  • You may see some colour photographs I have taken with my Fujifilm X-H1: I had this camera with its lenses in the trunk of my car before and after my walking stages.
  • Some photographs have “heavy grain”, vignette and other analogue styling effects: I discovered a film grain simulation program published at the IPOL Journal. I use it to make prints of some of these photographs. Due to heavy size reduction (to 900×600 px) the grain cannot look really good.