Welcome to my homepage dedicated to photography!

A few word on me… First some very few facts: I was born near Paris in 1968 and live since 1990 in Germany.

I started photographing with the very early age of 6; certainly inspired by my father who was photographing professionally and privately at that time. I don’t recall really the pictures but I was fascinated by this little box (a kind of Kodak camera for 127 roll film). I think with the age of 10, I got my first 35mm camera from my parents (a Mamiya 135 EE - I still possess it), taking holiday and family pictures; since then for me photographing never stopped.

The next steps happen with the age of 17-18, when I started to develop black-and-white films and enlarging prints in the bathroom of my parents and in my first flat. That is where the black and white film esthetic got me. I still love it. I ask myself if this is not nostalgia – I still listen to vinyl records as well. I come to the conclusion that I appreciate the tactile aspects of photography. It starts with the gear and ends with the print in my hands. This process gives me a lot of satisfaction!

Good, the process is enjoyable, but what about the results? What am I seeking for? I can easier say, what I’m not seeking for: Making portrait or human photography. It is simply not my cup of tea; it surely tells a lot about my personality. I like to take pictures of things, scenes, (urban) landscapes that caught my eyes and every time with the try to represent what I see and feel in a photograph. Learning is very slow and laborious: Being in the right mood with the high enough motivation isn’t happening everyday. Choosing the right angle, a good composition, waiting for the correct light, applying learnings, deviating consciously from “rules”; all of that is simply difficult and complex.

In this website, you will find some of the photographs I’m keeping. It doesn’t say anything about their quality, I just like them at the moment. If you have a feedback or want to contact me, just write me an email, you won’t find me in social media.

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